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Kosher Pizza Station


Specialty Pizzas!

Mexican, Sunshine, Greek, Baked Ziti, Vegetable

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                       Welcome to Kosher Pizza Station!

About us…


    Since taking over Pizza Station in the Fall of 1999, our mission has been to offer an excellent variety of food at reasonable prices.  We have expanded our menu to include items highly recommended by our customers and have introduced a number of healthier alternatives for your typical restaurant food.    

    Our objective is to provide good customer service, that includes the above mentioned as well as quick food preparation, a clean environment, and excellent catering advice.  As demonstrated by our family-run facility, our aim is to create a family friendly atmosphere for all.


       -Sheina Gilbert, Boaz McNabb, and Family. 



We are at your service at the following location:


Kosher Pizza Station

8965 W Pico Blvd

Los Angeles, 90035


Phone: (310)276-8708


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