Kosher Pizza Station
Kosher Pizza Station

Potato Bar

Warm your insides with a homey and filling meal.


Large baked potatoes ($3.25 each) stuffed with your choice of the toppings (prices listed below).

Toppings Pint Quart
Black Olives $3.00 $5.75
Garlic (Fresh) $4.00  
Green Olives $3.00 5.75
Green Pepper $3.00 $5.75
Feta Cheese    
Jalapenos $3.50 $6.75
Mozzarella Cheese $3.75 $7.25
Mushrooms $3.00 $5.75
Onions (sauteed or raw) $3.00 $5.75
Salsa $4.75 $9.25
Sour Cream $8.00  
Soy Medley/Fajita Meat $7.00 $13.75
Tomatoes $3.75 $7.25




For FUTURE orders, send us an email:

Hours of Operation

***Due to CORONA VIRUS impact, call store for daily hours***


Sun-Thur: 11-8 (order by 7:30 pick up until 8:00)

Fri: 11-1:00

Sat Night: On account of Shabbat end time varying throughout the year, please call the store to inquire after our hours.





Kosher Pizza Station

8965 W Pico Blvd (corner of Crest)

Los Angeles, 90035


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