Kosher Pizza Station
Kosher Pizza Station


Item            Price
Pita (white or whole wheat)        $0.75 each
Falafel Balls        $0.50 each
Garlic Nibs        $1.00 for 3
Garlic Bread        $4.39 (4 pieces)
Chewy garlic Breadsticks        $4.39 (4 pieces)


Item      Half Pan (feeds approx. 12)          Full Pan (feeds approx. 24)
Brown Rice                          $21                              $35
French Fries                          $13                              $23




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Hours of Operation

Sun-Thur: 11-8 (order by 7:30 pick up until 8:00)

Fri: 11-1:30

Sat Night:



Kosher Pizza Station

8965 W Pico Blvd (corner of Crest)

Los Angeles, 90035


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